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Are you curious whether your favorite EuroMillions numbers have ever won the jackpot or another significant prize? Our app can show you when your numbers won the highest prizes and the last time they were drawn in EuroMillions. It also allows you to see how your numbers have performed throughout the history of EuroMillions and how much you would have won overall if you had bet on these numbers in every draw.

Innovate Your Approach

If you enjoy experimenting with new numbers, our app allows you to discover combinations that have either not been drawn yet or have not appeared in EuroMillions drawings for a long time. This could give you an advantage over other players or provide a fun way to choose numbers for playing EuroMillions. In any case, our app enables you to make informed decisions.

Create Your Own Strategy

Our app provides not only historical data but also equips you with the necessary information to develop your own betting strategy. With the analyzed data, you can consider which numbers might be lucky for you, thereby increasing your chances of future success. Engage with our app and change the way you play EuroMillions. Find out if your favorite numbers have ever won, and make sure you don’t miss your chance at the jackpot next time.

Latest EuroMillions Results

Euromillion Draw Results Tuesday 14. 05. 2024

€48 748 900

The jackpot has been claimed!

This winning combination in EuroMillions has achieved 133 different wins since 2004, with a total of 500 euros paid out in previous winnings.

The latest biggest wins in EuroMillions

1 ×

Match 2 + 2

106 draws ago

Average price

Tuesday 09. 05. 2023

3 ×

Match 3 + 1

639 draws ago

Average price

Friday 30. 03. 2018

7 ×

Match 3 + 0

94 draws ago

Average price

Tuesday 20. 06. 2023

8 ×

Match 1 + 2

280 draws ago

Average price

Tuesday 07. 09. 2021

43 ×

Match 2 + 1

40 draws ago

Average price

Tuesday 26. 12. 2023

71 ×

Match 2 + 0

13 draws ago

Average price

Friday 29. 03. 2024

25 ×


106 draws ago

Average price

Tuesday 09. 05. 2023

Match by index

Overview of how the numbers were drawn exactly in their positions in previous draws

Match 3

1453 draws ago

Drawn 3 times

Friday 17. 07. 2009

Match 2

1591 draws ago

Drawn 22 times

Friday 24. 11. 2006

Euromillions most frequently drawn combinations

Combinations that meet the following criteria have historically been the most successful in the EuroMillions draws.

Without sequence

Drawn in 65.71%
Mixed numbers

Prime - Odd - Even

Drawn in 80.52%
Two prime numbers

Drawn in 36.25%
Three odd numbers

Drawn in 34.52%
Two even number

Drawn in 34.52%

Range 100 - 149

Drawn in 58.67%

Euromillions Statistical Analysis

Anyone who occasionally bets on the Euromillions lottery has surely wondered if there are any combinations of numbers that are drawn more frequently than others. For this purpose, we conducted a statistical analysis to shed light on this question.

We started by focusing on how often consecutive numbers are drawn in the Euromillions lottery, such as 01-02-03-04-05. Our analysis revealed that in 65% of cases, numbers are drawn without any sequence.

Another part of our analysis addressed whether the winning numbers in Euromillions contain prime numbers, even numbers, and odd numbers. We found that up to 80% of drawn numbers meet this criterion, indicating that this combination of numbers may have a higher probability of winning.

The next phase of our analysis was to determine how many odd numbers are most frequently present in the winning Euromillions combinations. We found that the combinations containing three odd numbers (34% of cases) and two even numbers (also 34% of cases) had the highest representation.

Finally, we conducted an analysis of the sum of the first five numbers to determine the range in which winning numbers are most frequently drawn. It turns out that the most frequently drawn numbers are in the range from 100 to 149, accounting for 58% of all cases.

These statistical data suggest that certain combinations of numbers may have a greater chance of winning in the Euromillions lottery than others. However, it is important to remember that the draw is still based on chance, and past results do not guarantee future outcomes.